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Updated: Sep 19, 2018

This site is aimed at the casual music fan for whom doesn't know that the exciting world of independent self managed musicians exist.

The site will contain these blog pages with various content including a news video package which explains some key points about how independent musicians can exist . There will be a radio story examining a more industry focus on independent music. Lastly a podcast where I spoke with an expert about the history of independent music through his record collecting and knowledge for the subject.

Then using the menu at the top of the home page, you can go to the individual musician pages where you can view longer interview profile videos, which go into there lives and there careers in some depth.

Also contained within these pages are links to there music which you can stream by clicking on the embedded players. Also embedded is exclusive acoustic performances especially done for this site.

Click on the music players to stream and buy there music



My name is Greg Orr

I have been a video editor since about 2005. I have worked for different television networks working mainly in news production. Last year I decided I wanted a change and went back to study. I am now completing a Graduate Diploma of Communications and doing Journalism for which this project is part of. My passion is music , travel and lifestyle type content. My ambition is to become a video journalist/ content creator doing this on a daily basis.


Click for Melbourne musician profile pages and videos
If you like what you see, and want some videos made for your PR or social media or even a press kit, let me know . I would like to continue to build my folio of work. click on the field above and drop me a msg.
More about me can be found on my main site
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